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Planted Tank: Great to not-so-great

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My tank was maturing beautifully. The stargrass and glosso were in great shape and everything else as beautiful as well. At some point I pulled out a lot of plants because it as quite overgrown. Since then, the plants, although still colorful, are not nearly as healthy nor as deeply bright as they were. They are still being supplied with the same nutrients. I added a new light bulb (the ones I had were over a year old). Please help me. Should I adjust ferts, lighting, or what? Any ideas? Help, please. This has never happened before. :confused:

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Ditto that. Still gorgeous.
The plants still look healthy from what I can see.
If the plants are still growing, and you are not having algae problems, I wouldn't change anything just yet. Maybe the plants got shocked from what you pulled out, and need to adjust.
thanks for the comments, guys. I am starting to get some green spot and hair algae (the glosso is getting the hair algae) and the plant growth is quite stunted. I Added a banana plant 3 weeks ago and have had leaves grow but it's not growing up. Maybe they did get shocked from the rearrangement. I'll keep my fingers crossed. :icon_roll
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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