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Planted plus over a 10g

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Well the title says it all, I have a 20 inch planted plus over a ten gallon. I dose macros on Monday and micros on Tuesday then water change on Sunday. This is a low tech setup so I dose a low tech regimen. Also I dose a capful of generic glut every other day.

The light is raised 4 inches off of the tank to get extra separation.

Here is a pic.

That is a full tank shot of my most recent scape. I battle some algae but kind of want this to be a little maintenance tank. If i forget a water change then I forget. However, as the tank sits I cannot forget a water change I pay for it in the price of algae.

Any opinions are welcome.


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We wantz it, my Precious! *Smeagol's voice*

Seriously though, I have an acrylic 10G show tank that I want a nice Finnex LED set for. This will be my next investment, along with a canister and an in-line CO2 reactor and in-line heater.
This is one I'll need to watch. will get some hair algae forming on the bottom and anything up real high close to the top of the tank. You may be able to control it/w the glut.
Reason...I put a two bulb T5 on my ten g tank. I did this with another ten and T8 bulbs(two of) and it took about two years for me changing bulbs to work out how to control the algae/w that set up. I now have no CO2/Excel in that tank and no hair algae and some GSA on the rocks only, not on the glass. It takes about three weeks for it to get enough on the glass to aggrivate me into needing to clean it. When I first set it up it took three days before I needed to clean it.
So is the suggestion here to not use a planted plus for a ten with no ferts or co2?

I plan on doing the same thing with my ten gallon, but no ferts and co2 only Amazonia as.
It's an invert tank. I had a fugeray on it but not getting good growth with it and no algae either.
If I were to do this tank again I'd go with maybe the clip on finnex light or a plain old fugeray. I'm more of a low tech kinda guy though. I will update on Sunday when I do my water change

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