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Planted NanoCube Eheim Aquastyle 4

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Its been over a year since I last set up a tank. After dreaming about owning another I decided to dive in. My budget was $200 (give or take) I wanted a modern look with submersed filter. I think The Eheim Aquastyle 4 is a great tank for two reasons: the lighting is adequate for plants with room for expansion if desired, and the tank is beautiful. The round edges really add value in my opinion. All-in-all I am more than happy with how everything turned out and continue to enjoy watching it grow.

This journal will track the progress of my tank and hopefully inspire others. Those who are interested in a planted nano or purchasing an Eheim in particular can use this tank to benchmark its capabilities.

I set this tank up almost a month ago from the day of this post with stock lighting and filter. The only addition to this tank is a small heater and a Coralife Power Center to control the light schedule.

Ludwigia Ovalis
Micranthemum Umbrosum
Stellata Erectus
Ludwigia Peruensis
Fissidens Fontanus
Dwarf Hairgrass

Cherry shrimp

Bump: Here are the updated photos from one month. Some stem plants were rearranged from front to back for better lighting, and appeal. The moss finally has overgrown the steel mesh and was trimmed. The clippings were added to the nooks and crannies of the driftwood for an aged look.

One of the cherries has made more shrimp and given me new little miniature shrimp to enjoy. Their antics are amusing and they give the tank a larger scale when observing. When they get bigger they will be going back to the pet shop for store credit.

There is also a nice copepod population growing. along with the copepods, i have also sighted multiple amphipods grazing under the shade of the grass as well as climbing on the driftwood..

I change about 10% of the water volume on a bi-daily basis.


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