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I have a 7.5 gal planted nano, it's just 2 weeks old. It's my first planted tank. I have used the walstad method to set it up (potting soil + sand as substrate and i have a lot of plants in it).

Water Stats:

PH 7.2
GH 7
KH 20 !!!!
NO2 0.5
NO3 25

My tap water stats are:
GH 7deg
KH 6deg
PH 7.6

I need to do a water change - but why the heck is the KH so high? I'm using some test strips / dip sticks to do the tests. What should i do to lower it?

Right now i have 5 neons and 2 xiphos in the tank.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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