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Planted Nano 6 Gallon; First Attempt

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My first go at at an aquarium since I was a kid. Intent is to have a well established planted tank and then add some shrimp.
The planting wasn't easy as I thought it would be, butchered it a bit. And bought one too many hairgrass plants. YouTube videos made it look so easy. Hoping for it to grow over and fill out the substrate.

Kellan Tank, about 6-gallons/21 liters
Compact Shirmp Substrate from Japan
Finnex FugeRay Planted+; running 12-hours
Zoo Med Nano 10 External

Flourish Excel
Locally acquired aquarium plant fertilizer

This is two weeks in; one 50% water change.


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Looks great. It's unfortunate that all the tech in the back aren't more easily hidden. I'd get a taller plant and put the heater behind it to hide it. I think it'll grow out nice though!
Thanks! Yah, all the tech is a bit, blah, but it's my first rodeo with this. I'll get it sorted out.
Looking good! And you are definitely right, hiding the gear and what not is something that can be fixed later. Maybe even look at getting an inline heater. As for the extra pot of hairgrass, I wouldnt be too hopeful about it overflowing the pot. You would honestly be better just planting the rest of it. But as I said, the tank is looking great :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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