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I have two 20" Finnex planted+ over my Mr. Aqua 11.4. They are on 4" acrylic raisers, bringing the actual distance from the substrate to right at 15". I have Rotala Colorata in this tank. It is in the back right corner where the substrate is significantly higher than the front (which is where the 15" measurement comes from). The Rotala Colorata was purchased from h4n and was a brilliant red. At first it started growing green tops in my tank. This had me a little disappointed. However after I started adding micro nutrients and dosing additional iron the plant has really colored up. I will honestly say it is not the deep red like when I received it. It is however a reddish orange which of course becomes increasingly more saturated as it approaches the surface. I just did a major trim to encourage bushy growth but I would be happy to take a picture to give you an idea of the color when the stems grow back in.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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