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Planted 75 Gallon Aquarium 11/24/2007 /!\ Hi-Resolution Pictures /!\

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This will be the start of my Planted 75 Gallon Aquarium. I hope to learn much more through this aquarium.
I will update this topic post with new information all the time as the tank progresses. You can find the progression information in the other posts as the topic goes on...

There will be no pictures this time, but I put up the picture warning in case I forget.

Here are some information about the setup:

75 Gallon Oceanic Aquarium
Stand and Canopy, stand is reinforced.

-Lighting: Coralife 48" 260W PC Light Fixture 6700K/6700K

-Light Cooling: Four fans, two 92 mm, two 80 mm strung on picture wire on tension across the back of the canopy.

-Filtration: Rena FilStar xP3

-Heating: Hydor ETH 300W

-Thermometer: Coralife Digital Thermometer

-CO2 Injection Method: Currently (11/04/2007) through a limewood airstone "airwood" located in the back of the tank.

-CO2 Source and Regulation: Rex Grigg Regulator with Ideal Valve and 10 pound CO2 Cylinder

-Substrate: ADA AquaSoil Malaya and Power Sand M.

-UV Sterilizer: AquaMedic Helix 9W

My current planned plants are:
Hemianthus Callitrichoides
Dwarf Hairgrass
Rotala Rotundifolia
Java Moss

Tank is cycling, it is very cloudy due to my stupid idea to dose PROPER pH 7.0.

The driftwood in there is growing fungus... Any reason to why this is? I have suction cups on the bottom of the tank, and dental floss tying the wood down to the suction cups.
I brush the fungus off every now and then.

= Link to updates:
= 11/06/2007
= 10/31/2007
= 11/24/2007
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Sounds like an interesting tank. Stuff that sucker full of fast growers to stabilize it, or maybe try the dry method described by Tom Barr to prevent the initial algae problems/cycle the tank. I look forward to seeing this progress! Good luck!
You'll learn a heck of a lot I'm sure. I can't believe how much I've learned in less than a year since I set up my 90g.
mpodolan is correct -- fill it full of fast growers! You want to get something that will suck up excess nutrients, so the plants get the upper hand on the algae....from the start. You can start dosing from the start, but also make sure you crank the Co2 from the start also. Might want to gradually build up the lighting, starting with maybe only 70-75% for the first few days while the plants are getting established. Algae can get established much faster!

What kind of substrate are you considering?
If you want to stock it with anything in the beginning (or within the 1st week or so), you could get some algae eating shrimp, like cherry or amano. You could also add some ottos or SAEs.....then again, SAEs = bad if you're keeping HC. It will always get uprooted.

Make sure you supplement with algae wafers or something, at least at first, as there won't be enough algae most likely.

Good luck! Can't wait to see how this develops. :)

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Well I seem to have forgotten the substrate. I updated my topic post.

I am going to avoid siamese algae eaters, Otocinclus have done much better for me in terms of friendliness to other fish and to the scape.

Here is a bunch of pictures -- 18. All dimensions 800 x 600.
Please pardon the photography, the water was cloudy and the tank glass was dirty.

Here are the three packs of Power Sand sitting on the tank bottom:

The ADA Boxes:

ADA AquaSoil Malaya:

Substrate into the tank:

Filling the tank with the garden hose coming in from the door:

Tank is filled. Notice the floss tying down the driftwood. They connect to suction cups at the bottom of the tank:

Yucky fungus on the intake:

Oh dear, that's what the CO2 leak had brought me:

A nice 12" Crescent Wrench to finally end my leaking CO2 woes.

I have yet to get timers for the solenoid and second light. Since the wires are tied down, I moved the light1 timer down.

My filter:

Need to get more tubing so I can have my bubble counter in the stand.

Thank you for viewing. Please post any comments!
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Wow, very nice setup. Your stand looks almost identical to mine, including color. Very nice matching hood also.
You went a little further than I did with the organization underneath, which is inspiring me to revamp my setup.
Be warned about the powersand....Any moves you make --- rescapes, replanting, etc -- can and will cause the powersand to pop up and become exposed. It may become a nuisance if you're particular and want a solid brown substrate. I've gotten used to it and don't worry about it as it eventually gets covered by the plants.
Good start. Keep us posted!

Well, I have turned the substrate many times, particularly because it seemed like ALOT and I moved some to my 10 gallon hex. Now both tanks have bits of powersand at the top.
maybe you want to use one hose to drain and siphon out the dust/dirt. then another hose to fill up water into the tank. until your tank water is clear. :)
Great piece of wood!!! Where'd you get that?
I got it off ebay...

It has some bark on it, I decided to use it anyways...

Big case of algae...
Fuzzy floating algae, stuff that sticks to the glass and substrate and javamoss, green algae, but good thing there is no algae.
I turned up the CO2 and turned down the lighting.
CO2 level seems to be at 70PSI...
I will try and get my dad to get new CO2 soon...
When bringing the exchange tank back, is it okay if it still has CO2 in it? Or should I discharge it all somehow?

The person who was supposed to deliver the plants said that the provider ran out of plants, so they will be delivered in a few weeks, but with one extra pot added.

I will probably get some otocinclus this weekend and some other fish. The tank has cycled for about 3 weeks now.
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Picture-less Update:

Well, on Sunday, my dad and I went to Petco and Petsmart. We got the following things:

Red Sea Limewood Air diffusers.
10 Black Neon Tetras
5 Otocinclus
2 Spotted Corydoras.

At the Petsmart Parking lot, my dad came upon two people who sold their koi to him for an incredibly low price. But in the bucket, there was also a nice blue gourami. I never had gouramis before, but this one doesn't seem dangerous. How to keep them? I will post pics of it later this week.

Of the 10 Black Neon tetras, two of them died. They came from Petco. I stuck them in the freezer and will bring them to Petco on Saturday... do they take frozen fish?
The fish must not like my lazy bum transfer method...
Get a container of tank water. Get a fish net. Float the bags in the tank for 10 minutes. Take the bags out, open them up, pour fish into net. Dump fish into the container of tank water. Dump fish into tank. Must be too stressful for them, I might get a gang valve and tubing this weekend for drip acclimations.
The Red Sea diffuser makes nice small bubbles! But seeing that everyone on this forum dislikes them, and thinks the Coralife ones are better, then I thought, hmm the bubbles get smaller!! I will get one! :D

I am facing a slight green water battle.

I only have Rotala Rotundifolia and Java Moss inside the tank, I am awaiting more plants to be shipped. I have CO2 going into the limewood diffuser at about 2-3 BPM. I am very low on CO2, maybe like 40 - 60 PSI left in the tank. Need to get a refill. I unplugged 2x65W of the lights. Now there are only going to be 2x65 going now.

Suggestions, comments, tips?
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That moss looks like its dead... Is it even green anymore?
It gets kinda green, I found it pearling today... I think the fungus is just growing all over it...
I have yet to get rid of the fungus.
An update is much needed!

I will get one tomorrow.

The moss is growing nice and green, I got the HC and dwarf hairgrass.
I really need to add other plants, I only have Rotala as a stem plant.
My dad decided to get 4 dwarf gouramis without my permission. They eat plants -__-

The water got a terrible green, and then I got an AquaMedic UV sterilizer 9W.

I know it lights up but it seems so dim. Water is less clouded now, but I question the effectiveness of it.

I upped the temperature to 86... Ich case! My dad got 5 pristella tetras and 10 red eye tetras, some of them have Ich!

I need to tell my dad not to get fish unless I say so!!!

I moved one otocinclus to my 10 gallon tank, another one died :(
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Picture time!
These pictures were taken on 11/17/2007.
As you can see, the water is VERY cloudy.
In fact, it was much more cloudy before these pictures.

Here are from pictures from today...
I did a water change on the previous day. Water is still not as clear as I would like it. I hope to get more Purigen. I added only three layers of polyester floss to the top of the filter media... Should have added more.

Thanks for viewing!

Comments and thoughts PLEASE! Ask any questions too!
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I really need to get more plants...
Been delaying it sorta because of work!!

Homework sucks.
Dwarf gouramis.

My dad just HAD to buy them -__-
Next time he buys fish I have to go to the petstore with him.
One brought a lovely ich dot. Temperature is now up to 87 something.
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