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Planted 6 Gallon Livestock/Plant Check

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So, I've never created a nano tank before, but my wife wanted me to set one up for her mother for Christmas. So, this will be a low-tech planted tank w/ internal sump. I'm almost finished building the tank itself and will be dirting and cycling this weekend.

The overall tank itself is 14"W x 14"D x 12"H w/ the internal sump taking up 3" off the back. So, the actual habitable tank area (with water line 1" below top and 2.5" of substrate) is 14"W x 11"D x 8.5"H or roughly between 5.5-6 gallons. She'll be doing bi-weekly 50% water changes.

I'm hoping to get some opinions on my planting and stocking choices to ensure Ive chosen species that will do well in this size.

  • (1-2) Feature Fish (Suggestions would be most appreciated)
  • (6) Celestial Pearl Danio
  • (6) Chili Rasbora
  • (6) Red Cherry Shrimp
  • (1) Nerite Snail

Note: I'm considering these feature fish, but am open to suggestion: Clown/Gardneri Killifish, Endlers (Poecilia wingei), Scarlet Badis, Spotted Blue-Eye Rainbow (pseudomugil gertrudae).

  • Front - Lilaeopsis mauritiana (micro sword) -or- Pygmy Chain Sword
  • Mid - Marsilea minuta
  • Mid - Suggestions welcome
  • Back - Rotala Rotundifolia
  • Back - Suggestions welcome
  • Moss - Flame Moss (tied to the piece of driftwood)

Thanks in advance, everyone.

- Chappy
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hey Chappy! your list looks pretty good, only a few notes :
IF you choose scarlet badis (and possibly the killis!) then you may have to feed them specially, as they are a micro predator, and will compete with the rasboras or danios.
ALSO, micro sword will grow taller than the marsilea, you may want to either reverse those plants, or swap one with something like Ranunculus inundatus. oh, and maybe a ludwigia as another background plant?
good luck, and happy scaping!
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