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I just setup my new tank. Already started with DSM a few days back.

This is what my tanks gonna be like:

Tank: 24 x 12 x 12
Filter : 400 L/h HOB
Lighting: 1 x 36 Watt Pll, 1 x 18 Watt Pll
Co2: Pressurized
Substrate: Amazonia
Hardscape: Wood
Flora: Anubias Nana, Anubias Nana Petite, Dwarf Java Fern, Christmas moss, HC Cuba, DHG, Rotala Rotundifolia Red, HM, and a few others which I havent decided et

Fauna: Will decide once the DSM is complete.

This is how it looks now.Using 1 x 36 watt PLL for lighting

(sorry for the bad pic, will update with a better one)

So im relatively new to the hobby, with 14 months of experience with a low tech planted tank.
Anyways, my idea for this tank is a HC carpet all along the front and left and DHG to the right.
I actually had the wood and moss in a bucket of water standing in indirect sunlight. The moss on the wood has attached but it has hair algae in it, is it better to start over or will it disappear?

Will keep posting pics.
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