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Planted 1.8 litre container?

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'ello all! I currently have two 1.8 litre containers that I had intended to use for grindal worms - until my stepmother made it very clear that she disagreed with that idea (or any live foods, for that matter) :icon_mrgr. Anyhow, I am currently trying to find something to do with these containers, and I am mainly considering turning at least one of them into an emersed planting setup, with plants growing above and out of the container. So, here's my questions:

1: How would one maintain such an emersed setup?
2: My windowsill has an air conditioner in it for the summer. Can the emersed setup be placed outside for that part of the year?
3: Can shrimp be kept in this setup, or will they simply escape?
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For a setup that small, you could just use solar power. Put it in a windowsill that does not get direct sunlight, but is still bright. I have a single shrimp in a ~.5 liter container, and so far, no escape attempts.

As far as emersed goes, you could cover the top with plastic wrap and just stick it under a light. Emersed containers seem to be picky about being put outside, possibly due to temps + high humidity
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