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Plant Weekend with Karen Randall

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This is just a reminder and an update the that Karen Randall will be in Grand Rapids on January 11 & 12. On Friday night Karen will be hosting a free plant workshop at Aquarium Services in Jenison. Karen will be speaking at the Grand Valley Aquarium Club Meeting on Saturday night. The meeting is always held the 2nd. Saturday of the month at the Holiday Inn Express on Clay St. (junction of M-6 and US131). There will also be a meet and greet session(party) at Aquarium Services on Saturday afternoon around 3:00. Lots of food and raffle tickets for free plants to be given away at the GVAC meeting. This will be a fun aquatic plant weekend.

Check out the GVAC website which should be updated soon

for a map to Aquarium Services check out
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Here's an update on the Karen Randall plant weekend. We will be having the plant workshop on Saturday afternoon at 3:00. The location will be at Aquarium Services at 158 Baldwin Street in Jenison. There will be free plants available for workshop participants and in fact we will be ordering plants specifically for this workshop. If you can attend and are looking for a special plant, we'll try to get it for you. Food and beverages will be provided as part of the meet and greet session around 5 pm. Karen will also be doing a program on plants at the Grand Valley Aquarium Club monthly meeting beginning at 7 pm. A mini auction of fish and plants always happens at our meetings.

Everyone is invited to attend and there is no charge.

Date is January 12, 2008!!!
Is it true? There are no more aquatic gardeners left in Michigan? Am I the only one left? Hello! Hello! And to think I thought we could get an AGA convention here. Ohhh! my dreams are dashed :icon_cry:

Sad isn't it.... I think that the Local section just doesn't get a lot of attention compared to the photo and swap sections.

I would so be there if it wasn't a 14 hour drive now. I hope it turns out well for you.
If it were closer to me, I'd have joined. :(
I love learning everything I can from plant experts.
I'm going! I usually work on Saturdays, but I was lucky enough that there were other employees available for that day.

Maybe I'm not alone! I've received a few emails and replys indicating folks are coming. I would still like to order some plants you may be interested in. Let me know if there is something you would like!
I will be comming and I have let the Michigan Aquatic Plant Group Forum know about it... WWW.MIAPG.COM
I never knew MIAPG existed!

Granted I live in Toledo, I live like 2 miles from the Michigan border. :)
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