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Hi guys,

I recently ordered and 11.4 gallon Mr. Aqua and am now considering what flora I should put into it. As far as specifications:

Substrate: flourite black sand with root tabs

Lighting: haven't gotten lighting yet but I was considering

Fauna: I haven't decided but will most likely go for a small tetra or some similar fish.

I will not be running CO2

Given these specifications, can you guys give me some suggestion as to what kind of plants might be possible in this tank.

I would like to have some sort of carpet plant, and I like the look HC and hair grass, but I am open to suggestions.

I would also like some sort of mid and background plant. I would like to keep the tank looking relatively orderly and not so jungle like, have a tank like that already lol.

Any suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance for the input
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