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Plant suggestion?

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I recently upgraded my clown loaches from a 20gallon long to a 45gallon tall. The 45 is set up at my college so the move took 6 weeks start to finish with the loaches being the last to go. Up until the loaches were added my plants were looking awesome again, the crypts were growing nicely and everything looked good. Since adding the loaches the crypts have again been eatten down to nothing. I have also noticed the anubias in the tank ahve also been nibbled on, which is a new occurence as they use to leave the anubias well alone.
It's looking like as my loaches age they're set on having a plantless tank. Are there any plants tht aren't as soft as crypts that would do well in a low-medium light setting?
I also dose periodically with excel and ferts.
The pic below was taken 3 weeks into the move.
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Perhaps a Microsorum pteropus or Echinodorus. There are many varieties to choose from.
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