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Plant Suggestion for Newcomer

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I am hoping you experts :) can aid me in what plants i should use for my tank. I know it is purely subjective, however, because i am new to planting, it really helps to know whats 'out' there and what looks nice.

I have a 38G tank, soon to be Hagen T5HO 2x39W 5500K and 6700K, regular gravel, soon to be DIY CO2, 78F.

Tank now:

I really like that HC plant that gives the mossy look in the front, however, i read that it requires a pretty high tech setup?

Also, i am going to remove the back right plant; however, i want to create some type of layered forest over there. If i do that should i do it on the left side as well? What type of plants work well with this?
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If you want a mossy look in the front, nothing is mossier than willow moss. A nice, easy, decent growing moss. I have it in all my tanks, all originated from the same mossy rock I got in August. Never had luck with java moss. *It appears to be Amano's favorite moss*

Another good plant for the front is marselia, never had it, but apparently it is one of the easiest foreground plants.

My favorite easy stem right now is Limnophilla sessiliflora (might have messed up the spelling) It grows very easily and you don't have to trim it to propegate. It produces horizontal stems that take root, essentially, it has runners. You don't need to be good at trimming to get a good bush of it. It is sort of overpowering my ten gallon right now, but it'd be great in a bigger tank. Needs a decent amount of iron to stay healthy. Lower light makes it have it's nodes closer together. It looks cool with huge distances between leaves, but prettier in lower light with bushiness to it...

I also like any elodea/egeria type plant. Most of them are easy to grow. The easiest I have owned is egeria najas. Never had E. densa. Owned all types of true elodea, and in the tropical tank, egeria grows way faster than them. I love stems the most. Never had any hygro, ludwigia, rotala...
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most of the regular stems will be fine with the lighting you have and CO2. the crypts might actually need a little root fertilization as they are root feeders.
Another very easy plant is water wisteria. It grows quickly in my low-tech 1.7 wpg tank. The higher the light, the lacier and prettier the leaves are.
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