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plant selection for low tech 75 gallon

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Hello everyone,I have a 75 gallon tank with pool filter sand/gravel mix for substrate.Filtration is 2 ac 500's and I have a coralife 260 watt powercompact fixture.Currently I run just 130 watts of light because I want to keep the tank low tech.Here are the plants I have in mind,crypts,vals,java fern,java moss,anubias,and swords.I dont wont to add co2 at this point just looking for some slow growth easy plants but I dont think the 130 watts will be enough should I run the full 260 watts in the middle of the day for an hour or so?Any suggestions on plants and light durration would be helpfull.At the moment I have 2 sword plants and some onion plants that are doing o.k. under the 130 watts of light.They looked better when I ran the 130 watts with a blast of the 260 watts in the middle of the day butt algae was a problem then.Thanks in advance for any advice.
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For non-CO2, I'd stay with 130W max. Even so, you might get some algae issues when nutrients run out. Not as quick and bad as with 260W though. :icon_mrgr
I figured as much,any suggestions on a plant list
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