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i have a bunch of plants for sale:

A bunch of rooted E. tenellus- 1$ per node

myrio fillgree 6 or 7 stems- 3$ for the bunch

hydrocotle sib.- 1.50$ per 10 nodes

C. spiralis 6-12in leaves- 3$

1in clump of Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis- 4$-SOLD

golf ball of java moss-3$-SOLD

Java fern 6-7 leaves- 5$-SOLD

3 bulbs of red tiger lotus- 2$ per bulb

ophiopogon japonica one long leaves and one short- 5$ for both

6 unhealthy stems of rotala verticillaris ill throw in for free that i received from a friend just needs some TLC to bring back.

Also i have a Profile 1000 Air pump-15$ shipped

6$ for shipping on all plants. all plants have been grown in a 20L with 2wpg and co2
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