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plant reproducing?

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i dont remember what this plant is call or what any of my plants are called for that matter. :icon_conf but this one i grew from a bulb i bought at the lfs that came with several bulbsin a pack. a couple bulbs didnt do anything, two have grown fine but stayed short but this one has took off! it now has two stalks coming from the base that has what looks like another plant starting to form on top of the stalk. can i just cut this stalk below the "bulb" and stick it in the gravel?


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I can't tell from the picture, but I would wait until that propagation grows some roots. Then snip it and plant it.
I've had the same bulbs in my tank. I will be some sort of aptageon(sp?) plant. Mine bloomed in the tank so the offshoot that you may be seeing may be a flower shoot. Let it grow before you starting cutting it off. it will only make the second one, if it is a plant not a flower stronger if you wait.
I have some of those right now. They were sold as aponogeton ulvaceus (which they are clearly not). When they put up one of those baby bulbs, I've always just let it grow as big as it would get. Eventually the stem that it's attached to yellows and falls apart, and then I've planted the sprout. I've never gotten as far as a second generation with them, but the new plants have grown to a pretty good size.
im not sure what it is, the package had the bulb contents but as some have said you cant really rely on than. the plant has grown fast and big. one bulb had a couple of roots showing so i chopped it off and stuck it in the gravel and see what happens. thanks! for the reply
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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