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Plant Recommendations?

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I’m looking for some recommendations for plants to fill in my 90 gallon loach tank. Most of the plants that live are spiny and green. I’d like to find some leafier plants (maybe a color other than green) that my loaches don’t eat for lunch. Digging isn’t much of a problem, but stem chewing is. I can’t figure out why they chew certain leaves and not others. Also…I’m kind of a beginner with planted tanks, so nothing too difficult to keep alive.

Tank Details:
90 gallon loach tank with CaribSea Peace River gravel. Needs to thrive in a tank with higher level flow and algae growth because some of the loaches need it. No CO2, but I use Flourish root tabs.
Lighting: Deep Blue SolarMax HE2 48
28W x 2, (1)10000K lamp, (1) actinic-03 lamp
(14) Blue Moonlight LEDs from top
(10) Blue Moonlight LEDs from bottom
(10) White LEDs from bottom

Plants Loaches have damaged:
Aponogeton Madagascariensis (chew the stems)
Amazon Sword (shred the leaves)

Plants I have killed:
Ludwigia Peruensis (loses leaves until it dies)

Plants that live:
Echinodorus 'vesuvius'
Crinum Calimistratum
Java Moss
Java Fern
Red Tiger Lotus (small)
Jungle Val (very small after being stifled in another tank, but it’s slowly growing back)
Moss Balls
Ignore the big green plant going up the middle of the back. It’s a plant tube I need to replace with black air tubing.

Big Picture Below
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We have some huge anubias barteri plants that would be a great fit in your tank, Its not to common to find anubias the size of big huge swords because they grow so slow lol,I dont know the selling rules on this forum so I dont want to make this seem like im trying to sale you these but maybe you can see if your lfs can get some in for you?
I could sell you some portions of anubias coffefolia. Pm me if interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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