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Plant recommendations

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Looking for a ground covering plant for a 10G RCS tank I'm starting. I first thought to use Java or Christmas Moss, but I here they can grow really fast and get out of control quick. I don't want to be in there trimming every 2 or 3 days to keep it looking good, and I think they will grow too tall for what I'm looking for. The Fissidens splachnobryoides has the shorter look that I like, but what I've read about this plant so far doesn't sound promising. Too much debate over being true aquatic, and problems getting it too grow. So I'm looking for something that stays pretty short, and spreads out at a medium pace (maybe needs a trim every couple weeks) to creep along the substrate.

Tank Setup will be:

10 Gallons
2 x 13W CFLs = 26W sitting right on glass top
(Light only needs to travel through 6-10 inches of water
as it will be growing down a rocky hill, between the rocks)
Should have CO2 before getting plants
Flourite Substrate
No Ferts

Anything you guys can recommend that fits this description and will grow in this setup?
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I'd recommend staurogyne sp 'porto velho'. It's very easy to grow and won't get out of control if your lighting isn't very high and is much more hassle free than mosses, hc, glosso, etc.
Hard to tell from pics I can find online, but it looks like the leaves are fairly large. I was hoping for something with a little more of a grassy effect, or at least smaller leaves like Dwarf Baby Tears. In fact I was thinking of using HC, but then decided against it for some reason. I don't remember why though.:icon_conf Maybe I should look at the HC again. I think my light wasn't enough for what some sites recommend, but I've seen some people say it worked for them without high light.
Does HC and Weeping Moss grow out of control easily? HC would be good if it's not too much trouble to maintain. As would Weeping Moss, but I can't tell if it stays low or if it will grow tall. Thinking I might use that staurogyne sp. recommended above for some ground cover towards the back. I like that stuff, but seems too tall for what I'm looking for in the front.

Any other suggestions?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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