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I need some Id's on some plants thier images will follow and I know what the third and fourth images are. One is frogbit. One is a small Water Wisteria leaf section that has actually started to sprout roots while floating. It was probably a section that was stuck in the frogbit garden when I was last trimming. Is this unusual for roots to sprout? also, my frogbit it turning white. Could this be clorosis brought on by lack of nutrient? There is NO ferts at all used ever. just feeding the shrimp in the tank occasionally is enough to keep the ludwiga and wisteria happy, do I need to start dosing ferts? I have a dual t5HO fixture, that should be enough light when it is 4-5" away but, idk. Thanks for having a look.

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1st looks like salvinia which is a fern actually. 2nd no idea. Water wisteria will propagate from leaves so that's normal to root.
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