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plant questions ...

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I was told Java moss would be great for Spots to graze on so I ordered some ... How do I attach it? And what can I attach it to? I have rocks and tera cotta pots and was planning on making driftwood ( from what I can tell you just boil it right?)

Also Spots tank won't have a lit hood for a while but I want him to have a planted tank ... What plants can do well in low light? Like almost none other than the main light for the room.

And what plants are good for neons? I was thinking Myrio but what do you think? That tank has a hood and light but nothing special.
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Moss can be attached to driftwood or rocks. Lay a thin layer of the moss over the surface, and gently tie fishing line over it (don't put too much pressure on it though, but make sure it's secure). You can either leave the fishing line on after the moss has attached itself to the surface, or you can cut it off.

And yes, boil the driftwood before putting it inside of your tank to kill any bad parasites. Just make sure that you don't over boil it, which causes some wood to become soft and messy.

Some good low light plants:
Most ferns, mosses, anubias, hygrophilas, bacopas, crypts, some rotalas, and some ludwigias. Go to this website and select "low" under Lighting Requirements, or "easy" under Hardiness. That's a good place to start figuring out what types of plants you want. You'll most likely need some sort of light (in addition to room light) if you want to grow more than java ferns or anubias, but you can always give any of the other plants a try.
Thanks :) And how long should I boil it?
thanks :)
another option for attaching the java moss is using a bit of krazy glue. I used to use this to attach java moss to coconut shell caves for my apistos. The glue is not toxic and seals up as soon as it hits water. Once the moss grows in, you can't even tell it was glued and looks really nice.

I use brown hair nets for my moss. It allows you to put the moss right where you want it and holds it great. After a short time you cant see the net and it looks great. Even my moss i have lighting over though. I dont think just a main room light will be sufficient for photosynthesis. And will likely die on you. If its a small tank i reccomend a small desk light over it with a daylight bulb. Hope that helps some.
the hood on half my tank works so it'll have some light :) anacharis and Myrio they'll also eat right?
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