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Plant quarantine

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There is a chance I will be picking up new plants before I have a new tank ready for them (timing issues). I don't want to put them in my current tank as I'm having hair algae issues and I want to try and avoid transferring that problem to my new tank when the time comes. There will probably only be a couple weeks at most where I might have new plants to store before I have the new tank ready to put them in.

Where/how should I keep them? I do have a little 2.5gal I can set up, should I just fill it and throw the plants in? Throw a desk lamp overtop? I won't be getting any fancy plants, just maybe some crypts, anubias, easy stems and moss. Do I need substrate? I do have some old aquarium gravel and root tabs.

Or am I over thinking this and would a bucket of water be alright?

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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