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plant problems!!!

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i just got 3 red eye tetra and 3 glow-lite tetra. my corkscrew valls were doing fine until the new fish came along...i think the red eyes are eating it and tearing it...dont know why though...any ideas as to help fix this problem? thx alot...
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I don't know what a "red eye tetra" is (from my observations of 3 different tetras, they all have neon red over their eyes; very pretty), but I have had glow-light tetras. As far as I know, tetras are carnivores and don't eat plants. I have Head & Taillight, Black Neon and currently one lone Glow-light, as well as a 3/4" mystery carnivore gourami -- and lots of plants. One time I did see what I though was one GL bump into a plant and it looked like a tiny bite had been taken out of a leaf, but other than that, in about 1.5 years, I have not seen my tetras feasting on any of a variety of plants (though I don't have corkscrew valls). Unless you actually witness your fish eating your plants, you may wish to search for another solution for the plant problem. Perhaps posting your specs (water parameters, tank size, lights, other tank inhabitants like snails, all that) and let more knowledgable people give their opinions/suggestions :)
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