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Submersed plant package (one available)

-10 stems of Rotala Singapore
-2 stems of ludwigia suffruticosa (great for midground or foreground)
-2 stems of hyptis lorentziana
-2 stems of polygonum/persicaria praetermissa (ruby)
-30-50 nodes of hydrocotyle tripartita/japan

23 dollars shipped via first class mail

Emersed packages ALL SOLD

Cleaning out emersed setup. 25 dollars shipped and you'll get random plants from the following list. Only 2 packages available. I guarantee the value of the plants you'll be getting will be more than the 20 dollars you're paying.

-Alternanthera reineckii var 'ocipus'
-Hygrophila Brown
-Rotala singapore
-Gratiola brevifolia
-Rotala Singapore
-Hyptis Lorentzianna
-Persicaria praetermissa/ruby
-Limnophilia aromatica
-Ludwigia suffruticosa
-Alternanthera reineckii variegated
-Hydrocotyle tripartita/japan
-Gratiola virginiana
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