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Hi all,

I just tore down my naturalistic style tank, if you want to call it that. Moved to Iwagumi and did not have a place for all my stems. I'm selling these in packages to move quick since the plants are now floating in the tank.

Here's what you will get in your package, all in great shape.

Price $20 + 7 for shipping so $27 total. 2 packages available

Ludwigia Atlantis
Ludwigia Red
Bacopa (not sure what type to be honest)
Rotala Green (was shaded so has some stunted growth, but still very healthy and will take off once in light)

Also available is my Crypt Wendtii. The mother plant I will sell for $15 which includes shipping. This is a very big mother plant.

I have a few daughter plants from the crypt that I'll sell. I'll sell them for 3 + shipping, so $10 total. I can include these in the packages above to combine shipping if interested.

Lastly, I have 5 stems of Ludwigia Cuba. $2 per stem, $7 for shipping.

PM me for additional info/inquiries. If these are not sold in 2 days I will give them away locally. Thanks for looking!

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