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I have the following packages for sale and I only have one package each. All the proceeds will to go UC Berkley Summer Program . Shipping is additional $5 per package.

Package A (stem plants) $18

Ludwigia Pantanal x 4
Ludwigia Guinea x 4
Rotala Magenta (Narrow Leaf) X 4
Eriocaulacae 'type 2' X 4

Package B (Anubias) $18
Anubias Nana 5 to 6 leaves X 3
Anubias Petite 5 to 6 leaves X 2

Package C (Eriocaulon) $35

Eriocaulon Australia sp Red x 1

Please reply to this thread only and I will PM you for Cash Paypal account info.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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