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Changing some things around and trimming so putting together a couple plant packages. I've included some reference photos below.

More buce (Theia 5 or Blue Devil - see reference photos below) can be added for additional $10 per stem to either package. Packages are both $50 shipped - US Only. Please pay attention to your local weather. Payment via Paypal.

Package 1 (Includes Buce):
2 stems five to seven leaves - your choice either Bucephalandra 'Theia 5' or 'Blue Devil'
Potamogeton gayi
Rotala rotundifolia
Ludwigia repens

Package 2 (Does not include Buce but can be added for $10):
Marsilea minuta - good amount, probably something like 20-30 nodes.
Micro sword - good amount of this
Potamogeton gayi
Red Java Fern - I was told that's what this was but I haven't had it long enough to confirm the red color on new growth. See pic below.

Tanks are free of floaters and only possible hitchhikers are ramshorn snails.

Almost all plants come from pictured tank.
Reference Buce Theia 5 is the pic with the DW - also the plants to the left of DW in the big tank pic
Reference Buce Blue Devil is pic with the rock on the left - also the plants to the right of DW and rock in the big tank pic
Final pic is the theoretical Red Java Fern (New Growth is supposed to be red, but I have not had this plant long enough to confirm)


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