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Time to rip out almost all of the plants and start fresh. This is a 40 breeder grown EI with pressurized co2. Gunna try a new scape and go back to low tech with moss. This will ship in a medium flat rate USPS box.

I can do one package at $35 shipped. This would be nearly every plant in the tank.

Two packages split evenly at $25 shipped each. It will be too many plants for a small flat rate box.

Hygrophila Pinnatifida I have tons of this stuff
Marsilea Crenata 200+ nodes
Pearlweed, 15 plus stems
Glosso, a small amount
Rotala Rotundifolia, lots of stems
Rotana green, a few stems
Unknown other stem that gets pink(left back side of tank, to the right of the ludwigia red) 3-4 stems
E belem. Most of whats shown.

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