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Plant Package + Equipment/Manzanita

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Hi everyone, I am fully breaking down my FW tank as I moved on to the reef world. Location is North NJ/ NY Border. Can bring plants/filter to NYC.

Plant Package: $100 (+shipping if needed)
Selling all plants from my tank as a package. Some high-end, mostly regulars.
2x Buce (don't remember full species, expensive flowering plant)
2x Anubias Micro
4x Anubias Nano Colonies
2x Amazon Swords
Large clump of Flame Moss
1 unknown
Buce and Anubias Micros were $35 each when they were babies, so they pretty much make up the price of this package. Don't have time to take care of this tank, so there's hair algae as seen in the pics.

Manzanita Package $200
Came from Tom Barrs private collection, these are very unique pieces. Tank is 135 Gallons, 6ft long for size reference. (tank available also, PM for info, fully custom setup).

Eheim g90 Filter with media plus Stainless Steel Pipes $200

Purigen Reactor $100
GE Filter case
Schedule 80 plumbing parts with Spears ball valve
Sicce 0.5 pump - completely silent

Bump: Location is North NJ/NY Border.


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