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Plant package includes:
Creeping jenny and Creeping Jenny Gold 20 stems mix most stems have roots average length 5" (submerged growth)
+ a few 'bare root' stems that will produce new stems and leaves (thrown in for free)
Ludwigia palustris8-10 stems average length 3" (as IDed by pt member Tinanti) (submerged growth)
Hygro sp. Tiger 3-6 stems varying sizes (as IDed by pt member MCHRKiller) ~ this thing grows like a weed (submerged growth)
Hydro sp. japan[/B] A loose blob of this good stuff (submerged growth)
Dwarf baby tears Roughly 4"x6" portion (emersed growth, roots still have soil)

Asking $20 + shipping, payment through PayPal.

Disclaimer: May contain algae, snails, or snail eggs. Its always advised to rinse or dip new plants before adding to your aquarium. I have no cool packs so mind your weather. Not responsible for last, damaged, or delayed arrival of packages, once I hand the package to the post office its out of my control.
PM is interested or if you have questions.

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