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Hey guys. I have a few cherry shrimp available for $1 each. There are around 50 total plus a few extras that I toss in while packing. They're culls from my sakura tank so some are almost clear and some much more red. If they went as one package it would be awesome but will break them up in groups of[censored] minimum of no less than 10.[censored]
Shipping is $7 priority.

Plant Package $27 shipped
5 6-12 inch stems of bacopa
5 4-6 inch stems of parrot feather
1 small crypt wendtii brown
1 dwarf red lily bulb around the size of a quarter and has sprouts
I 2-3 ft long piece of money wort. It has several runners off of it.
4 stems of anacharis
5 narrow leaf java sword
2 jungle vals
PLUS extras!!!!

Pictures will be posted soon.
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