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I have some thinning out to do and would like for it all to go at once but open to breaking it up. The cholla with the pennywort can be separated from the package for $13 or subtract $13 from the package.
I have: (pictured below)
1 crypt. wendtii[censored](an adult plant with about 8 leaves)
4 stems of cabomba (4-6"+ each)
1 8" piece of cholla wood with Brazilian pennywort attached
5 stems of moneywort (4-6"+ each)
1 golfball of java moss
6 stems of rotala indica (4-7"+ each)
$32 shipped If there is something in particular that you would like without having to get the others please inquire. I would like to keep at least a $10 minimum.
I also have a package of 20 RCS from the group pictured below.
$27 shipped
20+ FREE MTS with purchase if requested.

Plants may have blue ramshorns and/or very few pond snails as well as algae.
Cholla and pennywort a month ago:

Plant Leaf Botany Natural environment Terrestrial plant

Plant Vegetation Window Wood Groundcover

Plant Plant community Green Light Botany

Plant Sunlight Terrestrial plant Vegetation Grass

Plant Larch Terrestrial plant Twig Aquatic plant

Plant Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant Groundcover Grass

Brown Plant Terrestrial plant Pet supply Natural material
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