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Hey guys... I am new to this forum, only having posted a few times in swap n shop and lurking a bit. So first, HI! :D Glad to be here. I have a lot to learn.

I started with live plants with a 10gal that I bought off of a friend with 20w of screw in CF lighting and some cherry shrimp. I moved it up to a 18gal high when I added mystery snails. Now I have a 18gal high crammed with plants and I have upgraded that to 40w of screw in CF lighting. So, you guessed it... I'm hooked! LOL

I have been planning to go fully planted with my 29gal and I posted on my 'home' forum about going with a little better lighting and DIY Co2, but that ended up turning into me planning better lighting, pressurized Co2, all out planted tanks. LOL

So I stumbled across someone locally who is getting out of the hobby and willing to let me give their plants, fish, and equipment a new, loving home. Awesome guy, awesome deal, can't wait to get everything here and settled! :)

Problem is, I am doing all the reading my brain can handle and I am trying to take in all the info, but since I have never used Co2 or ferts and only had basic, low light plants up untill recently... I want to make sure I am getting the info to sink in properly.

So I guess what I am asking is if you guys can teach me planted tanks in a nutshell. I will be reading non stop for the rest of my life about anything relating to aquariums, so I can get the details as I read and re-read all the info I can find, but just the basics about how to begin with the Co2 and such would be extreemly helpful. :)

I am a newb to planted tanks, but not to aquariums in general. I have 14 tanks up and running (today, always seems to change with the quarentines and grow-outs and such), my pride and joy being the 220gal SA/CA community, but that one being centered around large aggressive diggers, definitly never going to be planted, but most of the other main tanks will be. :)

So that's me, thanks for making it all the way through, and let me know if you think you can help. Thanks in advance! :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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