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About 7 months ago, the light on my 20g died, and I lost most of the plants in there other than the crypt parva and java fern (I was making do with a nano tank light so I could still see my fish). I've finally replaced the light, and ordered some plants that I thought would work with the scale of my nano fish, but I'd appreciate any thoughts on what might be the best arrangement.

Please ignore the lack of background: I have a black backing that will be added to the tank. This is the hardscape arrangement.


I have ordered (and should receive today or tomorrow):
Pearl Weed
Hydrocotyle "Japan"
Staurogyne repens

I'm considering adding pogostemon helferi as well, but I'm still trying to sort out how well it would perform in my setup.

I'm trying to decide if I should concentrate the pearlweed in the back corners, and let the hydrocotyle sort of creep over the lefthand cluster of driftwood and focus the staurogyne in front of the taller wood on the right, or if I should spread the pearlweed around the whole back with the hydrocotyle coming in from several locations around the midground and disperse the staurogyne in clusters throughout the front.

I sort of want the feel of a slightly miniaturized woodland floor.
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