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I have my tank set up and running and I was hoping for a recommendation for fertilizer that is compatible with my set-up, fish, and plants

Current Satellite LED +
Aquaclear 20
Fusion quiet power pump
50w heater (don't remember the brand)
Caribsea black substrate
Not CO2 injecting
3 Dwarf Puffers
Ghost Shrimp (might get eaten)

Anubias Nana Petite
Some sort of sword that I got from the pet shop (sorry)
Banana plants
Echinodorus "Vesuvius"
Ludwigia "Super red"
Going to add a java fern

The easier to use the better. Also, nothing with copper. If my puffers don't eat my shrimp (so far so good) then I plan on having more and they are very sensitive to copper. I got a recommendation to use Select Aquatic (Thanks Hilde)

Any help is much appreciated.

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Those plants are slow growers, so I assume your lighting provides low light. If so, you probably don't need to fertilize at all. If you do, you are most likely to need to add potassium, carbon, and possibly magnesium (if your tap water doesn't contain a significant amount of magnesium). You can dose Leaf Zone for potassium, and Excel for carbon.
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