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Is there any consensus on plant light requirements?
I am looking for a reference page that indicates terrestrial and aquatic plants by category. I found one a while back but it doesn't seem to jive with hoppy's charts.

If we get together I will plug it into a spreadsheet and give averages and ranges.

Forgot where I got this. I think it was somewhere on this site, but it lists the following:

Full sun 800 - 2000par
Partial sun/shade 300 - 800par
Shade 40 - 300 par

High: 120-300par
Moderate: 80-120par
Low: 40-80par

These all seem way high vs hoppy's charts, so let's all post our data and see what comes out, sort of like a group research project.

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Plant Light Requirements

Hello panda...

I hear you on this lighting information, it's been nothing by confusing. It sounds like rocket science to me too. But, I think if I cut through all the technical stuff, it comes down to this: If I have 1 to 2 watts of light per gallon of tank size and use a T8, 6500 K bulb and dose a good fert two to three times a week and follow a strict water change schedule, I can grow just about anything aquatic.

That sounds more reasonable to me.

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