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Been lurking, researching and picking up info for a couple weeks now, and finally decided to post. :)

I am going to be doing a total overhaul of my 29g tank. My plan is to go high tech with high light, pressurized CO2, etc. I have kept quite a number of low light plants in the past, so its just the high light/tech plants that are newer to me. Also, for the past few years I have not kept any plants due to a certain fish that dug them all up, which is why the only plant in my tank, right now, is a crypt (can't remember if it's walkeri or willisii). There will also be a backing on the tank to hide stuff. I'm just getting some hard water stains off the back of the tank right now.
Please also forgive the not so great pic - I just used my phone to get a quick shot.

Anyway, I have never aquascaped before, so this is a tentative layout for when I go through the upgrade of the tank. I'd really like to hear any opinions on how this will look, or any potential issues I may have overlooked. I've been looking at this so long, now, that I'm afraid I've lost the ability to discern - sort of like when you smell too many perfumes. lol

Other thoughts I had, that aren't in the pic are to do some of the Cardamine or more C. parva in front of the R. indica. It's also intended to be sloped up in that corner, and I plan to put in some sort of stone(s) in part to help brace the substrate, though I will have a hidden support in there too. Another idea I had was to use some Myrio mattogrossense in the back behind the DW instead of the rotala or luwigia, but I don't know if that would look too congested.

I'd love to hear any feedback on any of this. I don't want the tank to be too congested/chaotic, but I don't want it to be boring either.

Water conditions tend to be hard, with a pH around 7.4-6 in the tank. Livestock as follows:
Kuhli Loaches (not certain how many - around 5 I think)
5 Black Phantom Tetras
1 Blackskirt - I didn't realize I had the little guy till I got home - must have jumped tanks and also jumped into the bag because I bought 5, not 6 fish that day lol)
5 Cherry Barbs - 2 male 3 female
Ramshorn snails - who I don't mind, as long as their population doesn't explode :)


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