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Hello all,

I have two plants that were sold to me as:
Rotala Rotundifolia 'red', the spiral growing plants.

Rotala Macrandra mini butterfly

However, on closer inspection and google searching, I'm not so sure Buceplant labeled the plants correctly.

The plant in the image for rotundifolia 'red' doesn't exactly resemble the growth of the rotala rotundifolia to the bottom right of the image. The internodes are further apart in the same lighting, and the leaf pattern is different for growth at the tip, the stem is a different color, and even in extremely high lighting (160 par at the substrate and those are at the surface) the plant isn't turning a different color than green, whereas the rotundifolia is turning yellow.

The confusion for me is that the plant labeled Rotala Macrandra mini looks a lot like rotala rotundifolia in both internodes and leaf structure, just slightly larger leaves compared to the fully developed rotundifolia leaves.

To further confuse myself I saw this image
which looks a lot like what the plant labeled Rotala Macrandra mini is, but that plant is supposedly rotundifolia 'pink'.

And the "rotundifolia 'red'" looks more like Rotala Macrandra green 'narrow leaf' at this link because it's too large to post here

Thanks for any help that you can give.

To further add, the growth rates for the plant in the second image is the same as my rotundifolia about 3-4 inches a week.
Whereas the growth rate of the plant in the first image is about 8-12 inches a week.
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