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Plant identification request

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Found in creek at high water mark


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Hi Attackturtle,

Welcome to TPT!

It looks like it may be a Nymphaea (lily) species of some sort; plant it and see how it grows!

Their are many different Nymphaea (and related species) that do very well in a planted tank.

Nymphaea micrantha (under driftwood)
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It could be a bunch of things, but definitely not a Nymphaea. Possibly Aristolochia, but that's only an educated guess.
I think it is a rhizome plant. I googled Aristolochia and they look a bit viney comparatively.
A small spatterdock maybe? Nuphar advena, cow lily. Just looking around and it looks similar but I don't have it in my hands to turn it around and look at it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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