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Plant Identification if you please?

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I have a few plants in my tank that I do not know what they are and i am hoping you guys can help me:


The other one...(green one in the middle, not the crypt)

Any information would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Hi, the first picture looks like Rotala Rotundifolia.You can find it in the plant database on page 4, about halfway down the page. I'm not sure about the other one though. Hope that helps,
Agreed. Rotala rotundifolia and Myriophyllum heterophyllum.
thanks! ;)
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Very healthy looking Rotala rotundifolia and Myriophyllum heterophyllum you have there. :thumbsup:

Love the Angelfish peeking around the right side there too. ;)
Definately healty looking R. rotundifolia. I like the pink tops. =)
Thank you very much Cydric and Epicfish. I love my Rotala rotundifolia, probably my favorite plant in my tank. :smile:

My angelfish are quite inquisitive. . .as you know! :hihi:
foxtail! awesome. I actually just got that plant and the LFS had it labled "misc. stem plants, 2.99" lol... I'm just hoping it will grow nice and tall. Thanks for the post!
Glad I could help ya out! :thumbsup: Good luck with your foxtail growing nice and tall!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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