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Plant ideas to go with 65g tank & Current LED Plus Pro

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I am getting a Current Freshwater LED Plus Pro for my 65g tank (36 long x 24 deep x 18 wide) for Christmas. I currently have two large-ish pieces of Driftwood and a couple medium sized rocks in the tank, along with a whole bunch of fake plants. I'd like to start growing real plants now that I'll have the fancy LED light. My substrate is sand and I have an Aquaclear 110 & Marineland Emperor 280 for filtration. My fishes are mostly rainbowfish with some loaches and other odds and ends.

I am not interested in changing my substrate with something more biologically active, nor do I want to get into CO2 and more high-tech stuff like that. I am willing to buy Seachem Excel though if that will help.

With the above criteria, can you recommend some good plants that either do not root, or do not require fancier substrates, fertilizer tabs or CO2? I know Java Fern and Anubias are good starter plants that fit this critieria. How about some medium light plants? Thank you!

For reference, the PAR for this light at a 24" depth is 44.
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Anything that can be tied to something would work. Anubias, Java fern, Bucephalandra. Floating plants and moss. it can become tough to grow plants without fertilizer or nutrient rich substrate. But Elodea, Hornwort, pennywort, rotala rotundifolia, water wisteria, will grow just about anywhere. get some root tabs or pots with nutrient substrate to expand the list.
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