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I recently bought a 55 gallon tank and I wanted to plant it. I wasn't 100% sure on what plants to put in it... they need to be low-mid light requirement plants.

there is an LFS that opened about 2 weeks ago round me that sells A LOT of plants.. They have a wide variety of swords, crypts, anubias, and stem plants... I didn't want to fill my tank with just plants as my g/f would also kill me but I would like to get a well rounded tank that has some nice plants. I LOVE java ferns and swords (specifically ozelot/ozelot red, and amazons) I just want a variety of plants. I found someone selling NL java ferns for cheap I would consider but I am not sure if I want that many... any advice/recommendations will be highly taken into consideration. I want a nice coloration and I would prefer plants that are compatible with tiger barbs.

at the LFS there are currently 2 ozelot swords and 3 amazon swords that already have seedlings... the Ozelot is bigger than the amazon.
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