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Agreed on the H. corymbosa but its not magnesium its iron deficiency. Mg deficiency shows up in old leaves only and leaves new leaves healthy. Iron is new leaves only and old leaves healthy.

Take more pictures and how did it get that way? What conditions? I'd like to add it.
There we go, took me a while to find the other iron deficient (probably) Hygro. corymbosa picture I saw a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, despite the nice example below the original poster didn't post back to confirm iron deficiency or not, so I haven't added his photos to the database, though I am certain it is iron deficiency. It seems in hygros the veins do not lose their green color when iron deficient. I'd love to add your picture if we can get it confirmed (take more from different angles if you get the chance! :)).

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Ahh too bad we can't go and dose their tanks with iron to confirm it :p it is a great photo, one that I'd love to add to the Deficiency finder.

Honestly I could probably just add it anyway, there isn't anything else that looks like iron deficiency. Always nice to be sure first though.

I'll have to get some one of these days.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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