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Plant ID & ?

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Need an ID on this plant looks like some type of hygrophila of some kind, it turns like a maroon and has a look of swade or velvet. Here's a pic of it in my tank. Lastly when I got it the stem was brown like a branch or twig now it's all green. It's been in my tank/tanks for a little over a year now.
Plant before its turns color due to lower light.

Same plant with leaves colored up.

Bonus question; what makes plants grow these extra roots above the substrate?Pic of C. Bacopa
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+1 I just moved my 'Kompact' to my 55 gallon yours looks the same. Also the roots are normal you can cut them off if they bother you or just let them grow.
Tanks guys, I thought it was but wasn't shure. As for the roots it's no bother I just see others tanks and the plants don't have em then again u only see one very good pic of someone's tank lol.
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