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Plant ID please

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I've had this plant for about 10 days now. Does anyone know what this plant is? None of them are longer than 10cm (~4in) and seems to be a very slow grower. They also don't seem to want to grow upwards but instead leaning sideways to the point where they are almost laying horizontally on the substrate. Thanks.

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Where did you get it?

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My LFS brought it from Beijing along with a couple of different plants. I've found the names of the other plants except this one. I'm beginning to suspect it's an Asian plant and hasn't made it's way into the hands of European or American hobbyists yet or if it has it's not that popular. I could be completely wrong though.
Crassula helmsii
It's not that. Trying to remember the name of it but I'm coming up short. Gah!
Wow, thanks a lot guys. Currently I have it planted in the foreground of my 20L tank since it was so small when I got it and I had no idea what it was. Looks like I might have to replant them to the back.
They are still keeping low, crawling along hugging the substrate.

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