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Plant ID please?

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Can someone please ID this plant?


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Marsilea sp? Aka aquatic clover from the looks of it. Actually should ask if it's multiple lobed leaves or not . If so looks like clover but I'm on an iPod atm.
hydrocotyle sp. japan?

big o
I was going to suggest hydrocotyle too but only familiar with what I find growing in the lawn lol.
I have some hydrocotyle that was collected in a ditch and has converted to aquatic growth. I'll post a picture, later, but that would be my guess also.
Dwarf Hydrocotyle for sure. If you can spare any clippings send some my way, I will paypal you....seriously, PM me if your down. Im in Eureka Ca. I will pay for shipping.
Looks exactly like what was sold to me as hydrocotyle sp. Japan. Grows like a weed once it gets established.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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