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Plant ID Please

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I collected this plant in a pond in Oregon a few months ago and it has since grown pretty big. None of the original ID's I got seem accurate - Its definitely not heteranthera Zosterfolia. It looks a lot like Elatine Americana but that plant is not native to the west coast.

Anyone have any guesses?
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I pulled the same stuff out of a creek here in Texas. I posted a plant i.d. thread for it also, a lot of people think its guppy grass, but the tips of the leaves lead me to believe that it is not. Guppy Grass has more pointed tips where as these are more blunt looking and almost look like they have 2 points. Either way its a great plant, and it does great in low light too.
It looks like a Callitriche species. It's impossible to say which one for sure without fruit. Good eye on the leaf tips.

We figured out (with the help of fruit) that what we were calling Elatine americana is really an odd Callitriche called C. terrestris.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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