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Plant ID please

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There's a tall one thats about 10 inches tall with what seems to be two new ones growing out of it.
Need help with identifying this plant, thank you.


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It's difficult to ID this plant without a healthy specimen. The picture you provided shows only the stem of a unhealthy plant that has been the meal for another inhabitant, or a plant that is suffering from a deficiency.

Going from the leaf structure on the very tips of the plant alone, I would have a guess at Limnophilia sessiflora (Asian marshweed) or Hottonia palustris (water violet).

For this plant to ever look healthy again, you will need to cut the stem around an inch below the new growth and replant somewhere without a herbivore/omnivore, and also provide it with sufficient lighting and nutrients.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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