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Plant ID needed!

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What kind of plant is this?


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I just got this plant recently (week ago) from Petco, couldn't get a good ID on it yet (few people who chimed in on it game contradicting suggestions). Mine seemed to be transitioning from emeresed to submerged forum and all new growth was coming in green rather than the deeper red. I'm waiting a few weeks for it to grow in my tank and try to identify it again.
Hope you get a definitive answer for this one.
I also got this one at petco. If I find out what kind it is I will let you know. Thanks!
I would almost say Nesaea red, but from petco?

I would almost say Nesaea red, but from petco?

Someone had suggested that to me, but its leaves are more wide and rounded than Nesaea (unless that's how emersed growth looks???) But if it is.. mines growing (green leaves) in medium light and not lost any red ones.. I was told that plant species wont last in anything less than high with co2 (i use excel).. also got the bunch of about 9 for under $4 so if it is that plant haha what a steal.
I think it might be A. gracillis. I have seen Petco carry that plant before.
Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I got mine at the aquatics sale at petco everything freshwater was 50% off. $1.75 for all these stems!
Petco sells Ammannia gracilis and that's what it looks like to me.
I think that's it! Thank you for all the replies!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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