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Plant ID HELP!

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Hey guys,

Was told the plant shown in this part of the clip helps reduce ammonia? Can't determine what it is though. Please help. Thanks.

The plant appears between 0:53 - 0:55
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It's not a common or cheap plant. I'll tell you that much. It used to be sold by a shrimp dealer on this site....for around 30 something a head. And do realize each head is about a quarter in size lol. Also idk why they would suggest it's for reducing ammonia. I think they meant plants in general....

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id reccomend just about every genus of plant before eriocaulon for that.
all plants will absorb NH3/NH4+, and the faster they grow, the more they will absorb.
get some egeria densa at your local petco. or find some hornwort, or any other floating plant.
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